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Title:Department of Design [ Arts & Humanities ] - http://design.osu.edu/adm_undergrad_arts.html
Description:Industrial Design deals with the planning and development for production of a variety of objects and interrelated systems. Consumer appliances, tools, safety equipment, business machines, furniture, medical equipment, architectural products, and transportation devices make up a partial list of areas of specialization. Industrial designers frequently work with engineering and marketing specialists to develop products. Interior Design includes the planning of spaces for commercial, industrial, and institutional uses. Offices, retail stores, healthcare facilities, and trade-show exhibitions are among the areas of specialization. Interior designers often work with architects, building owners, furniture dealers and contractors, planning and organizing elements of space to provide effective environments. Visual Communication Design activities include design for printed media, such as books, magazines, brochures, posters, newspapers, information graphics, and the creation of symbols and corporate identification devices. The profession also includes packaging, point-of-purchase display, product graphics, and environmental graphic design, as well as animation, computer-based multimedia, interface and interaction design.
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